4 Perspectives on digital product management

Sep 2, 2020 | Technical Leadership

If I had to distill just four key areas that have the most impact on the success of a digital product business, I would most likely come up with the list below.  My first website had these prominently displayed.  Turns out, after 5 years  they seem to me to have become established as some kind of fundamental truth.  Several of these principles will also hold for a consulting or services business.


“Business only has two functions, marketing, and innovation”   Innovation comes from deep insights and understanding of the customer needs, together with a clear vision for the solution and a good delivery process.


I believe that leadership is solving problems using influence.  Leaders need to develop strategies for increasing their own personal influence in their network.


I believe strongly in empowering and motivating people to strive for excellence in everything they do. Only through well-motivated people aligned to a common vision will you as a leader be able to grow a sustainable business.


Digital product marketing is a specialised area of expertise that guides customers towards buying an intangible product that creates value or solves problems. It comprises building trust through a strong brand, developing a vision in the prospective customer of the value in your solution, and triggering the interested customer to take the next step.

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