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Why TechnicalLeaders?

Hey, I’m Gavin, and this is my blog.

I’ve transitioned back and forth between  technical and leadership roles most of my life and I get it. The ever-shifting landscape, and the pace of breathtaking innovation while creating a successful business —it’s can be both exhilarating and daunting. And now, with AI and IoT, the pace of change has just stepped up to a new level.

That’s why I started TechnicalLeaders. I want to start sharing ideas and resources with like-minded technical leaders.

What Drives Me?

Stay Curious: I don’t have all the answers, but I’m committed to staying current. Let’s explore the latest trends, tools, and breakthroughs together.

Master the Basics: The fundamentals matter. I try to break down complex concepts into bite-sized knowledge nuggets because understanding the basics is key.

Apply Strategically: Technology isn’t magic; it’s about value. Let’s learn how to wield it effectively to drive real-world impact.

Leadership Matters: Beyond code, technology must be applied by people. I invest in leadership skills. Join me on this journey to shape a visionary path.

Work with Bright Minds: TechnicalLeaders isn’t just a blog; I want to build a dynamic hub for smart people. Share your experiences, challenge norms, and let’s learn from each other.

The “skunkworks”

I’m currently experimenting with a real-time dashboard in Grafana, displaying time-series data from Pi-Pico devices with simple sensors. The data is sent via MQTT to a Mosquitto broker and stored in InfluxDB. The question I want to answer is: can I use open-source components running on Debian and low-cost consumer IoT hardware to build a “lite SCADA” for a small brewing rig?


Grafana Dashboard

 About Gavin Halse

Applied Technology Enthusiast

Turning Ideas Into Reality

Collaborating with product managers, entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, manufacturing organisations and engineering consultancies to build and grow successful global businesses, leveraging Next-Gen AI and the Industry 5.0 Revolution.

  • Independent Consultant (IT and business systems)
  • Ex-CIO
  • Founder of a successful software business (still going well after 20 years)
  • Software product marketing specialist
  • Chemical Process Engineer

Gavin is able to use his extensive knowledge of information technology to provide insightful thought leadership and practical guidance to organisations. His approach combines the rigour of his engineering training, the “can do attitude” fostered in designing and running plants, with the entrepreneurial appetite gained from building an IT company

Scott Bredin

Divisional Executive, Manufacturing, AdaptIT

Gavin brings with him not only a deep understanding of IT-related matters, but a clear view as to how IT can be employed to best advantage in solving practical business problems.

Gary Cundill

Group Technical & EHS Manager, AECI Ltd