New updated software product management framework

Feb 26, 2021 | Technical Leadership

The ISPMA has recently published its updated reference framework for software product managers.

As a software company scales up, it becomes more and more important to structure the different activities such as strategy, development, marketing, etc. What works in a start-up will not necessarily work when you have multiple teams working to deliver a product to market.

That is why I advocate the use of a software product management framework. Such a framework provides a reference architecture for all of the activities in a software business. You can use this architecture to define peoples roles and responsibilities. It can also be used as a checklist to assess your current processes and get insights into where there may be weaknesses.

There are several frameworks in the market. I do not promote any specific one – and I tend to steer clear of any expensive proprietary tools until I have researched them properly. I keep referring back to the ISPMA framework from the International Software Product Management Association. The ISPMA provides a reference framework together with the syllabus for certification at no cost. Training and certification will cost you if you want to study the subject in more depth.

The ISPMA has recently updated its framework and syllabus, which you can find on its website at

 ISPMA Framework

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