Your Ideas Implemented!

The Challenge

Taking a good idea and building a digital product that has a real impact is the dream of many entrepreneurs.  Whether you are starting up a software venture,  or developing a new product within an established business there is a right and a wrong way to go about bringing your product to market.

There is a significant difference between building a solution for a single customer and developing a digital product for a whole market.  The business model is different, the way the product is designed, built, and supported is also quite different. You will also likely be working with multiple third parties including partners that market and sell the product for you in different territories and sub-markets.

Unfortunately experienced advice and mentorship are hard to find.  You need a trusted advisor who will give you objective feedback based on experience. Someone who will help you best direct your limited resources to become successful in your own market.

What I do

I am passionate about building digital product businesses and helping you unlock the next level opportunities for your own business by serving a wider market.  This might require you to build new resealable products based on your consulting services.

My aim is to help you become successful with products in your selected niche.

My approach is based on a software product management framework,  which is a structured and holistic approach to bringing a new software product to the market.

I base my approach on proven product management frameworks from IPSMA and AIPMM, coupled with over 20 years of experience in building successful software businesses.



Through a blend of consulting backed by rich set of focused online resources, Gavin works with high potential software product owners and managers to orchestrate all the activities necessary to bring a successful product to market and help grow a thriving product business.



Digital products typically address a market need and not that of a single customer.  A software product that adds value in the market allows you to build a scalable business that has a wider impact.  Focus on creating customer value through your product,  and escape selling your valuable time for dollars on the treadmill.

About Digital Product Management

Developing product strategy and orchestrating the activities relating to bringing the product to market in a way that is sustainably profitable is not easy and requires a structured approach.

Software is complex, has many moving parts, and is fast-moving, especially when serving a market of customers and competing against other solutions.

The software product management framework is a structure in which all of the activities necessary for a successful product in the market are identified and orchestrated.


I like to base my approach on proven international software product management frameworks that can be applied in your new software business venture.

This holistic approach covers all aspects of software product management from marketing, sales, development, support, and business leadership.

I work with software companies as small as 5 people startups as well as digital product teams within larger organisations.



Most software entrepreneurs believe so passionately in their product that they fail to see the weaknesses in their plan.

They would benefit from an independent perspective that views the product as the customer will see it, as well as to make sure that the idea will ultimately be viable.

Entrepreneurs can also have unrealistic expectations on the real effort and funding that will be required to develop a commercially viable product.  Here, objectivity and experience matter.


Nothing beats experience when trying to launch a new product to the market. Of course not all experience is good, many product launches fail; but each provides a learning opportunity. This learning can be incorporated into your recovery plan and turned to your advantage.

Sometimes you will need to launch a few times, other times you will need to call it a day and tackle a new product. Knowing when to stop and when to acelerate comes with experience, and getting this wrong can be very expensive.

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