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Digital twins, science-fiction or reality?

Industrie 4.0 introduces the somewhat abstract concept of a ‘digital twin’. But is this really new, does it actually exist anywhere in practice, and if so, what steps should be followed to build one? A process control engineer who is already familiar with CAD, SCADA,...

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Using predictive analytics to improve planned maintenance

During my days as a process engineer, I worked on an amino acid fermentation plant where it was very important to keep the process sterile at all times otherwise entire batches could be lost to contamination. Dozens of automated diaphragm valves were used to control...

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What is the future of blockchain in manufacturing?

Blockchain technology has recently come into focus with Bitcoin’s prominence as a viable cryptocurrency.  In manufacturing circles, it is probably fair to say that there is some uncertainty as to exactly what future impact blockchain may have on manufacturing systems....

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Innovating in the process industry with PLM

There is no doubt that with Industrie 4.0 there is a lot of innovation taking place in manufacturing IT. But ‘innovation’ is not only the creation of a new idea out of nothing but more often the combination of two existing ideas in a new way to create something...

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The potential value of manufacturing analytics

Process manufacturing plants create enormous amounts of data every day, much of which is captured and stored in SCADA systems. At the same time business ERP systems also contribute to the volume of data collected and stored. Documents in e-mail systems contain...

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How will digital manufacturing impact on IT outsourcing?

IT in manufacturing is changing fast as companies introduce technologies that reach beyond the factory boundary in line with trends such as Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). At the same time, executives are looking to make organisational...

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EAM software – what business leaders need to know

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the process of optimising business value from assets across business units, locations, and facilities. EAM is concerned with the total asset lifecycle. This lifecycle typically starts with design and specification and then...

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The IoT opportunity for Manufacturing IT

Manufacturing companies are expected to prosper in an environment where very little is controllable. New markets based around informed consumers who want choice and unique personalised products are emerging. As a result of globalisation, these markets are now being...

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How exactly does IT support ­manufacturing compliance?

Manufacturing companies are increasingly subject to new compliance frameworks that need to be understood, incorporated, and adhered to in order to stay in business. Manufacturing compliance is increasingly a concern as a result of new regulations, and globally...

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IT organisations need to prepare for an uncertain future

As engineers and technical specialists, we tend to regard technological trends in terms of the physical and virtual world. So, for example, when we consider the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, SAAS, big data, and so on, our natural response is immediately to focus on...

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IT in manufacturing – the CIO’s new challenge

The computerisation of manufacturing as encapsulated in “Industrie 4.0”, or the so-called “fourth industrial revolution” is attracting attention by manufacturing decision-makers who find their companies increasingly part of the global supply chain. Industrie 4.0 fact...

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